Monday, November 10, 2014

Domenica Marchetti's Eggplant and Porcini "Meatballs" in Tomato Sauce

If you are like me my travels (whether it be to the neighbouring town or across the pond) are centred around food experiences. In speaking with friends I am certain I am not the only one who relives life's most intimate details through the sight, smell and taste of particular foods. Each of us seems to have a favourite or, in some cases, a most hated dish with which they can recall a particular moment of their lives. I am far more likely to associate a place with the stone cold and lumpy soup I had at the local pub or the shatteringly crisp crust on the lemon meringue pie than the art instalment I saw at the Louvre. For me memories have always been made in the kitchen. Sharing a table and breaking bread together is the best way to get to know a country and its people. The taste or smell of an enticing meal is capable of painting a picture with richer, deeper brush strokes than any snapshot in your photo album. I find it interesting that while I struggle to remember my cellphone number or remember what I did yesterday the merest sniff of bread baking in the oven will evoke a plethora of memories and has me gathered around the kitchen table with my dad kneading dough with 5 year old chubby little fingers with frightening clarity.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Taste Memories of the Coast of the Gods with Wild Arugula Salad with Sopressata and Pecorino

Wild Arugula Salad with Soppressata and Pecorino
I awaken on a high bed plush with pillows and comforting linens. Rays of sunlight filter through the windows, casting a honeyed glow on the room’s walls creating a protective cocoon as I sleepily peruse my surroundings. As I survey my room in the first light of morning, I realize I had been  dreaming of staying on the Coast of the Gods for at least a year and I was living the dream, "vivere il sogno." 

Friday, February 28, 2014

Costa Delgi Dei (Coast of the Gods)

Costa degli Dei tours would like to welcome you to our Blogger Page. The Coast of the Gods is a 50 mile (80km) stretch of argubly the most beautiful white sand beaches in all of Europe. The Ancient Greeks named this area, Entoria Tellus (The Land of Wine). This Region is rich in Greek legends and mythology, it is said that Hercules and Ulysses saved the city of Tropea from two giants.

Tropea is the jewel of the Coast of the Gods and the name is derived from the Greek nameTropheum, meaning Trophy. The city is considered to be the trophy city of Hercules.

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Golf of St. Eufemia
The word Enogastronomia is made up of two words, Eno derived from the word Enotoria meaning the land of wine and Gastronomia which is the study of food and culture, with a particular focus on gourmet cuisine. One who is well versed in gastronomy is called a gastronome, while a gastronomist is one who unites theory and practice in the study of gastronomy.

 Gulfo di St. Eufemia and the Coast of the Gods, is a place where nature has out done herself. The most famous wine in this region is Ciro, and is considered one of the oldest wines in the world. This region is also rich in greek legend and mythology and it is said that the mighty Hercules saved the city of Tropea from giants that ruled this area. Imagine when the Ancient Greeks sailed past Stromboli Volcano and into this area ruled by giants how frightened they must of been. Its a good thing that these shores were loaded with vineyards and wine to ease their fears. In Calabria the seafood is simply amazing and some of the freshest that you will ever eat. The abundance of olive oil in this area makes the food taste even better. Pairing a glass of Greco Bianco from the Baron Statti Vineyard will spoil you to the point where nothing will ever taste, smell or feel quite as good again.

Our Cooking Courses and Enograstronomic Tours that are provide at the Hotel Paradiso  are designed for those who love to experience La Dolce Vita ( The sweet Life).


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